Search Engine Optimization

A good Search Engine Optimization strategy takes time to develop and unfold. Our search engine optimized pages are specifically designed to target keywords that have the potential to generate revenue for your business through high organic search engine rankings. No one can guarantee 1st page organic rankings, however as the network of search engine optimized pages on your site increases your website a portion of those pages usually perform well which will lead to increased traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is that it is consistently ranked as the highest ROI marketing platform. Direct mail and the phone book use to be the top direct marketing strategies that business would engage in. With increased postage and phone book advertising costs the ROI is diminished for both of those marketing buckets and let’s face it these days they both just end up in the trash in the end. Each individual Search Engine Optimization page has the huge benefit of being a fixed cost because they stay on your site long after you pay for them so your ROI has the potential to increases every day.

The biggest question that we receive is “If invest in Search Engine Optimization Pages by targeting x, y and z keywords, what kind of return can we expect?” The keyword there is invest, Search Engine Optimization Pages are like investing in the markets. You need to do the research to pick the right keywords just like successful investors would to pick a stock or fund and be in a long-term investment mindset. Fortunately picking good keywords is the relatively easy part. It’s the patience through the ups and downs of the rankings while keeping your eye on the long-term strategy that is needed to truly realize ROI.

If you are looking for something you can measure on a monthly or quarterly basis you’re just not ready yet. Search Engine Optimization Pages are similar to investments in building a brand in that it needs to be amortized over time. If you are going to invest in a long-term marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization Pages you need to be comfortable knowing the investment is long-term and you may not see ROI for 3, 6 or even the next 12 months.

Below is our Search Engine Optimization Pages pricing. We have different package levels to fit any business size. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or give us a call at 877-743-8669

Search Engine Optimization Packages

  • Essentials
  • $600
  • 2
  • Professional
  • $1000
  • 4
  • Premiere Business
  • $1750
  • 10
  • Corporate
  • $3000
  • 25

*Packages include one time initial setup fee + recurring monthly fee. All packages are month to month and may be cancelled with 30 day written notice. Monthly fees must be billed on a recurring payment schedule to a valid credit card.