The premise is simple: Create a super-awesome website that provides an optimal viewing experience on all devices and eliminates the need for mobile sites. Let’s face it, the future of the web is here and responsive website design is the new standard. Factor in the 55% increase just last year in purchases of smart phones, and it makes perfect sense to have a website that automatically shrinks to fit any device’s screen for optimal mobile viewing. Without responsive design, your website visitors are forced to squint in order to read information on your website or they are stuck with an unattractive mobile site that screams “Save me, I’m stuck in 2005!”

We made a decision to provide our clients with highly functional, responsive websites, and it wasn’t easy. A lot of education and preparation went into making that transition happen. Our entire company had to tackle a new technology, and we’ve never looked back.

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Social media got you down? We are here to help create a social media marketing strategy that will not only engage your current customers but also find you some new ones along the way. Our proven techniques are customized to fit just about any business. Don’t keep spending hours every week trying to keep up when we’ve got you covered.

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Search Engine Optimization… This term gets thrown around everywhere these days and there is no doubt that you have heard it a gazillion times before. But what does SEO mean to your business? If you are trying to get new clients through online sources it could mean a lot. We specialize in local search engine optimization which means we can help your business get found by local customers looking for your services. Let’s face it what’s better than getting a new customer… not much. So don’t waste any more time thinking about it, give us a call so we can get down to the details.

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You’ve worked hard to build your business, we polish your image and make you look good. After all you don’t want to be passing out bland or even sometimes hideous marketing materials to your great customers do you? If it gets printed we can design it. The best part… almost all of our design services come with some level of complementary printing so you don’t have to worry about finding a good printer once the designing is finished. We’re standing by to help you with your makeover, call us and we’ll show you just how good your marketing materials will look.


Your website content needs to be unique. The truth is that if it’s not the search engines are going to penalize you and that means less visibility on the web which is never a good thing. Our content writers are experts at creating content that search engines love. Give your website what it really needs, great content that has your business written all over it.


Not all hosts are created equal. We make sure that when your website is being hosting with us you are well taken care of. Our hosting servers are housed in secure state of the art data centers located in the United States. We don’t pack thousands of websites on each server like other companies which means your website will see better performance.

Need email addresses at your domain? All you need to do is give us a call and we will set up those new emails and even do our best to work with you to get them running on Microsoft Outlook or your smart phone.


Need to let your customers know about a sale? Email marketing is the perfect way to do just that. Send them coupons or special offers and you’ll have them knocking down your door. It’s no wonder all of the large companies are doing it. Why? Because it works. We can handle every aspect of your new email marketing strategy right from the gathering of the emails to the messages getting sent out. Call us today to find out how we can make your business email campaign superstars.


Oh the joys of credit card processing. We know you get calls every day from companies that say they can save you money. We are a little different. We aren’t a credit card processing, just something more like your credit card processing ambassador. We partnered with the nation’s largest and most trusted processor Electronic Exchange Systems to bring you the best rates and fees possible. Because they know how great they actually are they don’t try and tie you into long contracts with expensive termination fees. We feel this holds them accountable to be not only the best processor but also the last one you’ll ever sign up with. Plus they will even give you FREE equipment!

Our Clients Say

Mike Lotz, Lotz Renovations

If you are willing to listen to their ideas you will be amazed with the results, I can’t say enough about Now Marketing Services and look forward to many years working together.

Jane Rogers, Pures Food

When situations arise where we aren’t exactly sure of what we need, Now Marketing Services has provided the insight and suggestions to help us reach our goals.